2015 Prize to award 100,000 Euros to a scientist for his or her lifetime achievement in researching secondary prevention and risk reduction strategies for patients with cardiovascular diseases


Milan, August, 2014

The Arrigo Recordati International Prize for Scientific Research has announced the call for nominations for the eight edition of the award. The International Prize of 100,000 Euros is awarded every two years to a distinguished scientist for his or her commitment and accomplishments in cardiology. The eight edition of the Prize in 2015 will recognize a clinical or basic science investigator who has achieved distinction in the study of secondary prevention and risk reduction strategies for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The international award was established in 2000 in memory of the Italian pharmaceutical entrepreneur Arrigo Recordati and aims to promote scientific research in the field of cardiovascular disease.

Arrigo Recordati, who passed away prematurely in 1999, strongly believed in the power of research to drive the development of the pharmaceutical industry and provide products beneficial to public health and individual well being. "The Arrigo Recordati International Prize for Scientific Research was established to carry on my father’s legacy and to inspire scientists and researchers to make important discoveries benefiting people worldwide" stated Giovanni Recordati, his eldest son and current Chairman and CEO of Recordati.

Leading International Societies to Generate Nominees for the Prize

Several international societies and organizations specializing in the areas of cardiology and internal medicine are being invited to nominate candidates that they feel merit the Award. The Prize is open to scientists of all nationalities who work in institutional settings and are not affiliated with a pharmaceutical company or medical device company. Nominations may only be submitted by an international society or organization invited to nominate candidates and self-nominations will not be considered.

The deadline for nominations for the 2015 award is January 31, 2015. The winner of the Prize will be announced during ESH (European Society of Hypertension) Annual Meeting in Milan, 12-15 of June, 2015.

World-Renowned Cardiologists to Select Winner

The 2015 Arrigo Recordati International Prize for Scientific Research Jury is composed of experts who have provided leadership throughout their long careers in the field of secondary prevention and risk reduction strategies for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Chairman of the Jury is M. John Chapman B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D., D.Sc., FESC, Research Professor, Medical Faculty of the Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC), Paris, Director Emeritus of the Dyslipidemia and Atherosclerosis Research Unit, (INSERM), Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital, Paris, France, Past-President of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS).

Other Jury members are: Thomas F. Lüscher MD, FRCP, Professor and Chairman of Cardiology, University Heart Center, Zurich, Director of Center for Molecular Cardiology, University of Zurich, Switzerland and Chris J. Packard CBE, Ph.D., FRCPath, D.Sc. FRCP(Gla), FRSE, Director of Research and Development, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Honorary Professor of Vascular Biochemistry at the University of Glasgow, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Department of Biochemistry, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Scotland, UK.

Secondary prevention and risk reduction strategies for patients with cardiovascular diseases

Each year, millions of people are admitted to hospitals and intensive care units following acute cardiovascular events. During their hospitalization, most of these patients receive immediate, adequate and effective care. Nevertheless, one cannot forget that these patients have high-level risk of developing a new cardiovascular event. Several sources (data from observational studies, the diagnosis at discharge, information about the specific treatments received, mortality data) indicate that, after discharge from the hospital, these patients are neither properly followed-up nor receive adequate treatments, even though a large body of evidence confirms the value and effectiveness of secondary prevention of cardiovascular events. Therefore, it seems that even in this era of extensive programs focusing on prevention, in many cases of acute cardiovascular events secondary prevention is not fully and adequately implemented. It is recognized that cardiovascular diseases have multiple causes (age, gender, hypertension, smoking habits, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia) and the coexistence of several risk factors increases the probability of occurrence of the condition. The degree of risk that each person has to develop a cardiovascular disease is linked to that person’s specific factors; moreover, the risk is continuous and increases with age. On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that cardiovascular risk is reversible: it is possible to decrease it or at least keep it at an acceptable level, by lowering the impact of the modifiable factors. Secondary cardiovascular prevention should aim to reduce the risk of subsequent events, thus improving quality of life of these patients, extend their lifespan and minimize the need for intervention and procedures. The strong positive impact that innovative scientific and clinical research has brought to the field of secondary prevention and risk reduction strategies for patients with cardiovascular diseases must be recognized and acknowledged.

About Recordati

Recordati, established in 1926, is an international pharmaceutical group, dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1984, with a total staff of around 4,000, headquartered in Milan, Italy, Recordati has operations in the main European countries, in Russia, in other Central and Eastern European countries, in Turkey, in North Africa and in the United States of America. An efficient field force of medical representatives promotes a wide range of innovative pharmaceuticals, both proprietary and under license, in a number of therapeutic areas including a specialized business dedicated to treatments for rare diseases. Recordati is a partner of choice for new product licenses for its territories. Recordati is committed to the research and development of new specialties within the urogenital therapeutic area and of treatments for rare diseases.


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